Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lola vs. Morphing Into a Pimp

At the request of the other half of my blackened out husk of a soul, I have officially unbundled my underwear for just a second to write this post.

If I had tears, my dearest Blunt Delivery, they would be rolling down my cheeks right now in gratitude. But because I don't, I will be forced to do some pimping of my own.

If you've ever read my blog before, you know I don't like to follow rules- except for the dating kind but they are an exception because they come from yours truly- but I would like to do something for the awards I have been given. The awards I have received are thus): A much anticipated, much coveted Blunty Award from my evil twin bitch (see above!), The Keepsake Award from the heart-warming Fidgeting Gidget, and the Honest Scrap Award from fellow honest scrapper hardlyhearshimself .

Honest Scrap Keepsake Blunt Delivery Award

Without further ado, I would like to return the pimpage with a few dishonorable mentions of my own:

The One whose Soul I'd Most Likely Want to Steal-

Girl Interrupted- I am new to her site but her soul I must, must steal. Sweet, sensitive, and utterly sincere, she has entranced me and will entrance all of you. I am sure of it. Her writing style is infectious and the pictures that often accompany her posts are even more so. Plus, she recently received a message in a bottle. How cool is that?

The One Who Makes Me Wish I Could Deal With Problems Instead of Using Sarcasm to Hide Them-

Thank God I Don't Have Kids- Most of you may not know who he is but he is one of my very first blogger friends. And let's face it, I have a bit of a soft spot for this guy. His writing is raw and brutally honest. He's not afraid of being vulnerable and often lays all of his cards out on the table. I applaud him and his manliness (you know what I'm talking about Merrick). His positivity and often quirky way of looking at life and his situation, has brought him a sense of joy in the little things that probably not too many people have and should absolutely go about getting.

The Ones That Make Me Think It's Utterly Okay to be a Saucy Vixen- (I have a tie here because it's kind of like choosing a favorite child. Or since I have no use for progeny as of yet, I'll go with choosing a favorite chocolate bar.)

Simon's Ramblings- His evocative prose and pictures make me happy to be, well me. Plus he has the added bonus of being able to craft a witty sentence that tickles the sub-cockle area of my writer's heart. Oh and his delicious pictures make me well... tingle for an entirely different reason.

Girl with the Pink Teacup- This dynamic lady caught me right from the start. She's sassy, smart, and sexy. Sigh, I quite adore this one possibly because she has the ability to do this but more because she says what many, many think but are afraid to say. And she does this with a deliciously wicked sense of humor. Unlike me, she also shows a lot of depth to her writing and on occasion surprises us all with her poignant prose.

The One That Has Made Me Snort Water Onto My Keyboard

Mr London Street- Not only can he construct a seriously clever tale but his non sequiturs are hilarious to the extreme. My keyboard is a witness. Who else could relate backgammon and roundabouts in the same post and use them so effectively? The answer is no one my friends, no one.

So here's a shot of Patron to you my friends- on Lola!



Anonymous said...

Well now, half my blogroll is on this list, does this mean I have the most awesome taste? :)

Mr London Street said...

Lola, Lola, Lola... I am having the most fucking awful week in blogland that you cannot imagine. Thanks for cheering me up.

Merrick said...

You are awesome, Lola. Thanks for spreading the love and know that you are often my muse when I might not feel like posting something. "I want Lola's opinion/thoughts/insights/sarcasm" is often the impetus for my writing. Also, LOVE your blog but you know that already!

*uncorked said...

thank you for opening my eyes to a few more blogs that i have now become obsessed with. just in the last few minutes. now i'll never get any work done. and seriously, sleepfcking? holy hell i'm jealous.

Mr. Condescending said...

Lola you forgot to put the link to pink teacup, but congrats to the winners!

Lola Lakely said...

@Veg- Yes, my friend- indeed you do.

@Mr. C- It actually is in there, it's just uniquely placed in my prose- much like the girl herself! Not that she's uniquely placed in me- just unique. So, um yeah, I guess one shouldn't try to explain one's wit. Perhaps I should be more overt in placement?

@Mr. London- I am sorry to hear that! Need any asses kicked? I'm kinda viscious when I put my mind to it.

@uncorked- I remain jealous as well.It is a skill I wish to acquire.

@Merrick- Oh how I adore you!

Organic Meatbag said...

Congrats to you all! OK, off go the pants in celebration!!

*uncorked said...

oh, and congrats on your award! well deserved :)

Girl Interrupted said...

Aw thank you Lola!!! :) I really appreciate it.

I don't know about letting you actually steal my soul, but I really like you ... so how about we negotiate some kind of a time-share deal? :P


Mr London Street said...

Don't worry about it Lola, just a combination of people being precious and me being a fucktard.

Of the blogs you've posted I've never checked out Merrick and I can see I will like him, so thankyou!

blunt delivery said...

Dearest One Without Whom I Wish Not To Live,

If I also had tears, I would be crying big, fat, ugly elephant tears at the mere sight of this post. Instead however, you will have to settle for the fact that my heart is forever yours. And yours alone. I cannot help myself but to bestow pimpage upon your lovely face.

Always and forever,


Lola Lakely said...

@Meat- How did you know that's how I do my celebrating always???

@Girl- You would be willing to do a time share??! See, this is why I mentioned you- you darling you!

@MrL- Know that I'm on call if need be! Merrick is awesome- thanks for checking him out.

Lola Lakely said...

Dear Other Half of that Heart Shaped Best Friends Necklace Everyone had in 3rd Grade but me,

You are the finest of all the pimps!


Simon said...

Aw. You pimped me out. I feel as if I should make some remark about having put my life as a male prostitute behind me, but instead all I can do is to dab my eyes with my beard and stammer out my gratitude.

Thank you.

P.S. It may not be entirely irrelevant to say that I’ve just been checking my recently installed site tracker, and the most recent Google Image searches to arrive at my blog were for:

public erection (South Whitney, Indiana, USA)
erections in public (Manchester, UK)
plunging +wet (Tehran, Iran)
gay brothels (Bucharest, Romania)

I can see I shall have to add some more images.

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

I do believe I have 90% of these people on my blogroll already. It's nice to know that the company you keep is appreciated by others. Many others as it turns out. Nice one.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Oh Lola, you're too kind! And I'm glad you've placed me uniquely in your, um, post. Makes me feel all special-like! And happy. So happy.

You are so very, very sweet and lovely to have mentioned so many excellent bloggers - like virtually everyone else, most of them are already on my blogroll, but it's so fantastic to see them all getting the recognition they so thoroughly deserve. My favourite kind of pimping is when someone directs me to new and wonderful, yet underappreciated bloggers, and you've done this so very elegantly at the same time too! How good are you??

Much love to you, sweet and beautiful lady. Off to check out some of the great blogs now!

Anonymous said...

goddammit, as if i needed anymore reading material to distract me from my real job. excellent choices, i've stalked them all

Lola Lakely said...

@Simon- I was hoping to bring you out of retirement for one more big job. Especially knowing what I know now about gay brothels. You deserve all the pimpage you get.

@the girl- Absolutely! I have been impressed with your ability to weave emotion, humor, and sex in one blog. I am glad you are checking out some of the onees I suggested. SOme of them could use some new love! Especially from one such as your gorgeous self.

@Tenn- It just goes to show what excellent taste you have.

@angryred- You are welcome! I enjoy making others not work almost as much as I enjoy not doing work myself.