Monday, July 13, 2009

Lola vs. The Caped Tirader

Since I am on the beach sunning my luscious, lithe female form, I have decided to dedicate this scheduled post to a blogger bff (and in reality I might add), the Caped Tirader. Before I left, he was gracious enough to sit down for an interview and give me just a glimpse into the maniacal manly mind behind that mask.

Lola: The first question comes from Kurious in Kentucky. How did you first take up that cape? And did it involve any radioactive spiders?

CT: No radioactive spiders, though I have been bitten by the ever so elusive Aged Whiskey Spider from time to time. As for the cape, I've been known to get fired up in defense of common sense against idiocy. One night after an encounter with an idiot whose brand of idiocy could only be described as geniusly idiotic, I felt it was my duty to, from that night forward, protect common sense at all costs. After a few conversations about blogging with an amazing blogger (Lola), I decided to take the fight to the net. Now I mostly blog about strange news stories to point out how ridiculous and crazy people are.

Lola: (glowing with all the unnecessary praise) CT, you are such a peach! (because when Lola's in interview mode she likes to refer to people as fruit) Enough about me, let's move on to question two from Perilous Penny In Pennsylvania! What are your super hero powers? And who have been your super heroey influences?

CT: I think my best super power is the ability to fit links to a tremendous number of movie clips into my blog posts. My influence for this power came from endless hours watching movies.

Lola: This next question comes to you from the state of Michigan. If there is one piece of advice to give to someone that you have previously covered in your blog, what would it be? And who would it be to?

CT: I think an important piece of advice I’ve blogged about before is to believe me when I say that religious figures DO NOT appear in food.

Lola: Ok, so this next questions comes entirely from me. Who do you think would win in a fight and why: Link or Mario?

CT: Mario without question. Anyone who has rocked that date-rapist super-mustache as long as he has undoubtedly has had to have been in plenty of brawls. Besides the guy is a sewer dweller. Link looks like the girlie Hanson brother, and out of that group, that’s lookin’ pretty girlie.

Lola: I hate to be all devil's advocatey but I kind of have a secret thing for Dark Link. (awkward pause) Okay then. Another me question next. Would you please divulge an embarrassing fact or socially awkward moment you have had in recent years? (please Lola needs some sort of company- considering all of her awkward exploits)

CT: I think the most embarrassing thing I've done in recent years was at a Halloween party where I got bit many times by that Aged Whiskey Spider I was talking about earlier. As the story goes (and this is kind of sad) I got pretty drunk. Halloween is my favorite holiday so costume parties are right up my alley. That year I dressed up as Chucky (from Child’s Play) and I didn’t want to break character. Therefore, I didn’t take of my mask all night, which means I didn’t eat. I did however manage to drink a ton of whiskey through a straw causing me to, mid conversation, lean back into my buddy’s kitchen cabinets and fall to the floor in slow motion like I was movie punched…this was by 9:30. the next morning wife told me that later that night, in response to her repeatedly telling me to get into bed, I, from the bathroom floor retorted, “I am in bed.”

Lola: (smiling broadly now) Okay, so last but not least Lusty in Louisiana would like to know: Boxers or Briefs?

CT: When I am on official super hero business, I wear the standard- colorful briefs over shiny tights with the cape. As my alter ego I mix it up between boxers and boxer briefs. Thanx Lola for putting this together and giving me a feature.

Lola: Anytime my caped idiocy fighting friend. Anytime!

I know this is a deviation from my usual sarcastic self, but feedback is always welcome. Who knows, one of you could be my next target- I mean- interview.


Simon said...

Just to point out that to refer to interviewees as fruit is considerably better than to refer to them as vegetables: for some reason they find this more insulting to their intelligence.

But congratulations on your technique. The ‘embarrassing fact or socially awkward moment’ is always popular. We all need to be reassured.

Jeanette said...

All very good things to know I feel. And who doesn't have a moment where the bathroom floor is their bed.

The Caped Tirader said...

Thanx again Lola ;)

Hah- Thanx Jeanette for making me feel better about that one.

imitsky said...

An interview? I had no idea you could throw curveballs! interesting stuff. perhaps a slider someday, featuring a hand drawn picture/diagram?

Nickie. said...

Enjoyed the interview! I def. prefer mario as well. hehehe.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Funny stuff, Lola :) And your interviewee was delightful, as always.

I'd always wondered what Caped Tirader's superhero power was: I'd always assumed it was his supreme talent with a pun gun. I was wrong, he can squeeze a ridiculous number of video links into even the shortest of posts. And that, my friend, takes serious talent.

It takes an excellent interviewer to bring this quality material out of such difficult subjects. Well done, gorgeous.

The Caped Tirader said...

hahah...pun gun. I love it. Yea, I've been known to bring on the corny in the form of puns, too. I just can't help myself. Thanx for always having kind words Teacup!

Mxyzptlk said...

Just wanted to add that I witnessed the Halloween extravaganza, it was truley a a magnificant showing of drinking, sitting, leaning, laying down and eventual 'drunkin traipsing out the door'prowess. I thought for sure those were his superpowers. The whiskey spider has also been know to cure a sore throat or two.

Lola Lakely said...

Thanks to all who commented! I am now back from vacation and have been woefully behind at work. Because of this, I must of course go on my blog!

@thegirl- Oh how I have missed you! Thanks for the comment babe and beware, you are fast becomming my next target! Muahaha!

@TheCaped and Mxyzptlk - I am sad that I was not invited to the whole Halloween extravaganza. I would have liked to have seen CT in all his whiskey spider glory!

@imitsky I enjoy throwing curveballs, I'm just not so much with the catching of them.

@Simon - I concur wholeheartedly with the fruit vs. vegetables thing. Although sometimes it helps to antagonize the interviewee. It makes for some fun reactions.

Organic Meatbag said...

I feel never asked about the sex tape with Al Sharpton....