Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lola vs Friendship & BBQ

I've just had my annual summer kick-off bash and am writing this slightly hung over and tired with a few UPB's (unidentified party bruises) but immensely satisfied. Last night's party was one of the biggest, most eclectic crowds I've had in years. This is partially due to the fact that certain family members or friends kind of, well, strongly disagreed with the existence of my ex (I'm putting this info in the Things-that-should-have-been-brought-
file). But it's mostly due to this habit I have of collecting people.

I've always been incredibly friendly, almost too friendly at times (I will generally talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere), and I've noticed that I tend to keep people. It was evident as the party wore on last night that I have several rings of friends instead of one big circle. It was nice to see those rings overlap in an ocean of flip cup, beer pong, Rockband, and a bubble machine (hell yeah, I said bubble machine!).

I usually make friends fast and when I do I tend to throw myself into it in much the same way I do everything- with undisguised passion. I have an unshakable sense of loyalty and I don't give up easily on people.

I overheard a good friend attempting to describe these qualities to someone I had just recently met and invited along to the party. Except he said it like this: "Once Lola has you, it's increasingly hard to get rid of her. " I was hoping he would have the good sense to add: "But in a good way. Not in a creepy stalker way."

Alas, I had no such luck. Thanks Kane.

So, I may be a disaster when it comes to long-term relationships with men but at least I have the friendship thing down. Unless they are all using me for my bubble machine. And free beer.


Merrick said...

Sounds like a rager! Bubbles = rage in my book. I trust you got the paint out of your hair just in time to add some bruises into the mix?

Lola Lakely said...

I concur wholeheartedly on the bubbles. They overtook everything. In fact I think there are more pictures of the bubbles than any one person.

The Caped Tirader said...

It was a kick ass party! I'll take a friend like you any day, Lola :) HEY! You revealed your secret identity...